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Moon Tree Teaching Team

Meet our Moon Tree Teaching Team….

I am lucky enough to be blessed with some amazing Teachers and Therapists who work alongside me, they help out and cover for holidays, they work and support me on Workshops and Retreats etc…
We are a growing team of enthusiastic, self employed, Free living, free thinking, passionate Souls who live our lives on Purpose…

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Craig….. The Sound Master…..

Gentle Soul Craig is my partner and works alongside me on the Workshops and Retreats, he is passionate about his work and creates beautiful sound experiences for all who attend. Together we also provide Monthly Yin  Yoga and Sound sessions each Full Moon.

A bit about Craig…

My current lifestyle is pretty amazing! I do work that I love and I choose when I do it. I have more free time to focus on me, my music, my love of the outdoors and travelling. And I share all this with an amazing partner!

It’s not always been that way, life not so long ago felt very different. In the past I’ve been caught up in the daily grind, trying to forge a career. There’s been the usual ups and downs of personal life and on top of that all the stresses and strains of modern life. But I’m glad to say I have put all that behind me!

A while back I went through a difficult period of time in my life following a few setbacks. At that time to me, it seemed that my whole world was crashing down. I was disillusioned with my life and decided things had to change.

I started off by working through my ‘one day’ list. You know, that list of things that you promise yourself you are going to do …. one day.

I soon cottoned on to the fact that the more I did the things that made me happy, the better life seemed. The happier I became the more opportunities fell my way, or did I just notice them more?

I started to uncover the things that really mattered to me in my life. The things that i had somehow lost along the way. The things that a routine daily life had tried to bury.

I started to push my comfort zone and chase bigger dreams. I created a vision of my ideal life and I am well on my way to achieving it!

I have studied, researched and re-trained a few times to get where I am today. To cut a long story short, was born as a result of my own evolution and expansion.

I now use what I have learned myself to help others make shifts in the way they live their lives. If you want to make similar changes then get in touch at the bottom of this page. It would be great to hear from you.

For more info on Craig and what Sound is all about, follow the link below…



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Lorraine….The Green Goddess…

Lovely Lorraine is one of my beautiful Students and friends, you will see her at York Yoga Studio, and also on hand to help out at Workshops and also some Retreats…She is a beautiful Soul who shines her light on the Teachers mat when i am away…She delivers the most amazing Relaxations, plus gorgeous gentle and nourishing Dru Yoga classes. She also creates the most yummy home made  Aromatherapy products….

A bit about Lorraine…

I’ve been going to Yoga classes on and off for well over 30 Years, regularly for the last 15 Years or so.

I was introduced to Dru at a music festival 12 Years ago and it was a complete “WOW” moment. We practiced in a field and i remember 2 things, (apart from the hot sun and the music drifting across) – Looking through my legs in wide leg forward bend and seeing the glorious Howgill Fells of Cumbria upside down followed by the amazing Spinal wave which was a revelation and still makes me feel several inches taller (i am only 5′ 1″)

Looking back a seed was sown then. I searched out Dru Classes but part from attending a few Workshops in Leeds i was frustrated. We were still living and teaching in Schools in  Northallerton so i continued my Hatha class.

An idea was brewing and 6 years lago i surprized my Husband by suggesting we move to York. Yoga was the big pull and i knew there was someone called Andrea teaching Dru…5 Years ago we moved. A Year later Andrea started a class 10 minutes walk from where i live in Acomb and i haven’t looked back.

I did the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course which gave me a grounding in Yoga history and Philosophy but that year convinced me that Dru was the Yoga i loved, so i followed my heart and with Andreas support, encouragement and belief in me, i enrolled on the Dru Teacher Training course.

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i’d ever become a Yoga Teacher. My life has been transformed and i love the idea of helping others bring stillness and calm into their busy lives…

If you are interested in becoming a Dru Teacher i can highly recommend the Dru Teacher Training…Follow the link




Samantha Jane…..The Dancing Goddess…

Sassy Samantha is a Student, friend and also my ATS Belly Dance teacher, she is also an Art Therapist… you will meet Samantha in Yoga Classes, Events and Workshops. She has amazing knowledge and has an impressive background which has gifted her with a magical outlook on life, she is involved in Workshops, sharing ATS and Art therapy…

A bit about Samantha…

Samantha is an Art Therapist who has worked with victims of trauma for almost 15 years. She has extensive experience of working with individuals and groups, delivering training, holding space and being a facilitator/ reflective practitioner.
She began belly dancing about 10 years ago with Donna Gardner (Pedralta) and stuck around when she began teaching Amercian Tribal Belly Dance.

Samantha did her Teacher Training with Fat Chance Belly Dance in 2014 and has been teaching ATS since.
Samantha took the bold step of leaving full-time employment in 2014 to become self-employed and discover what else life had to offer outside of the security and routine of a permanent job.

Her own Spiritual and Self-Discovery Journey is on-going. It involves yoga, reiki, lots of reading and studying, as well as trying to make the time to create art.

She feels ready to “shine” her light and enable others do to so.

This led her to Awakened Bellydance and taking part in the first Facilitator Training in April-May this year.

For more info on Samantha’s Classes and her Art Therapy follow the links below…




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