Moon Tree…Yoga…Dance.. & Meditation for Women

Dina Charya…

Dina Charya…


Andrea’s version of the Dina Charya;

Helps to achieve whole new levels of energy, vitality and wellbeing, emphasises the importance of a daily routine which corresponds to the bodies natural rhythms, maintains calmness and harmony throughout the system.

Wake between 6 – 7am, spend a few minutes in e4l balance, right hand on center of chest left hand over navel in energy balance and a quick check in and a smile to greet your day.

Drink a full glass of warm water and a slice of lemon to activate the cleansing process.

Dry skin brush and/or self massage with sesame oil, leave oil on the skin for 30mins before showering, splash the face 7 times with cold water after shower, if you are really brave, get into the shower switch on so it showers you in water cold while it warms up< good for the circulation.

After your shower, splash the face 7 times with cold water.

After tongue scraping x 7 times, oil pulling with sesame oil, brush teeth, rub around the gums with sesame oil to strengthen bones and gums.

Yoga practice of your choice but always before breakfast.

Breakfast before 8am.

Lunch is the main meal of the day,the bulk of food from the sattvic list as much as possible, between 12 – 1pm, no drink with food as it dilutes digestive process.

Limit tea and coffee to 2 a day.

Light early evening meal 4 – 6pm

Epsom salts bath, short & gentle yoga practice, Pranayama and Tratak Meditation, foot massage with sesame oil, reflect on your day, journal.

Bed by 10 – 11pm.

The body has it’s own built in detox systems, the liver, kidneys, bowels, skin and could use a juice day 1 day a week or 1 day a month, i usually  do this on a sunday.

Foods to maintain the body’s health, increase strength, vigour, vitality, create physical balance/ correct acid/ alkaline balance, improve mental function and spirituality.

Sattvic foods – make up the bulk of the diet- alkali producing

All fresh fruit, veg and salads, juices, soups, houmous, fresh breads? depending on intolerances,dried fruit,lentils,yoghurt – natural,honey,milk- or alternatives,real organic butter,nuts especially almonds,wheat,rye,barley,fresh filtered water, herbal teas and juices.

Rajastic foods – medium quality, high protien, generates high levels of physical energy – in moderation

Sugar,sweets,meat,cheese,fish,tinned food,eggs – increase lung capacity, reduce the risk of heart disease and ulcers.,potatoes,root veg

Tasmasic foods – low quality junk food, should be avoided totally if possible- damage health, cause physical imbalance, effects mental function.

Tinned, processed food, cooked and kept,caffiene,tobacco,alcohol,sweet fizzy drinks,crisps,salty nibbles,chocolate,ice cream,foods containing preservative and chemical substances, sweeteners.

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