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Dru Relaxation

Dru Relaxation

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Dru Relaxation…

The successful practice of Meditation first starts with a deep understanding and mastery of the physical body, which is achieved through awareness of movement and breath, deep relaxation and body contemplation.

An elixir for body, mind & spirit 

Relaxation is perhaps the single most important key to health and well-being. It is the antidote to stress which is known to contribute to the development of disease. When we relax, our body has an opportunity to unwind. The benefits of relaxation have been well researched and some of these are listed below.


Relaxation gives the heart a rest by slowing the heart rate

reduces blood pressure

slows the rate of breathing, which reduces the need for oxygen

increases blood flow to the muscles

decreases muscle tension

As a result of Relaxation, many people experience

more energy

better sleep

enhanced immunity

increased concentration

better problem-solving abilities

greater efficiency

smoother emotions

less anger,  crying, anxiety, frustration

less headaches and pain


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