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The Radiant Menopause

The Radiant Menopause

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What is the Radiant Menopause????

I mean, Menopause…Radiant, in the same sentence!!!!

When i hit Peri Menopause at the age of 43, starting with disturbed sleep patterns, a few hot moments and irregular periods, i just did not get it, i wasn’t prepared for what was to come, and resisted it with all my might!! I did Yoga!!! I taught Yoga!!!

How could this be happening to me????

As symptoms escalated out of control, and in a difficult relationship, i felt like i was going truly mad!! A visit to the Doctor, and yes she agreed, the Menopause was upon me, anti depressants were my only option, HRT in extreme cases.

I took the anti depressants for a few weeks, and began to feel much worse, with anxiety starting to return, feelings of hopelessness, constant arguments with an unsupportive husband left me on very shaky ground, eventually, packing up i ran for the hills!!!

7  Years later….After working with specific Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation, diving into Ayurveda, Coaching, Women Connection, Nutrition and Supplements, i have managed this path of illumination completely drug free and now, after 18 months of no menstruation i feel i am moving onto another level of my life, enlightened by Menopausal Wisdom…

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“Each woman is biochemically and spiritually unique. So is the inner journey she must make if she is to succeed in her quest for wholeness.

Such journeys need to be undertaken with the highest respect for the body, the spirit and the powers of nature which bring it about. Such journeys cannot be codified.

They are not packaged holidays where you pay your money, take your anti-diarrhoea pills and know exactly what to expect.

These, insist natural menopause revolutionaries, are journeys of the soul.”

  Leslie Kenton

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