Moon Tree…Yoga…Relaxation & Meditation for Women

Relaxation & Meditation for Women…

art of relaxation

Relaxation & Meditation for Women…

Acaster Malbis Village Hall

Mill Lane

Acaster Malbis

YO23 2UJ

7pm – 9pm


8th Sept…13th Oct…17th Nov

Join me for a  beautiful Movement, Relaxation and Meditation session with Satsang, where we come together in a supportive and non- judgmental way to discuss different life topics and learn ways to bring a higher and more positive perspective on life.

Includes gentle movement, gorgeous grounding and nourishing Meditations and a gathering of beautiful, like minded, open hearted Women.

Sessions will be held at Acaster Malbis Village Hall, monthly Friday evenings  7pm – 9pm, with practical tools to take away and use, i will share my knowledge and experiences from the Yogic tradition and my own Spiritual journey to create a nurturing environment for all.

In 2018 we will hold regular Art of Relaxation & Meditation Sessions for Women will be fortnightly.
at Acaster Malbis Villlage Hall
7pm – 9pm
Dates as follows…
5th & 19th Jan 2018
2nd & 16th Feb 2018
2nd & 16th March 2018
5th & 13th April 2018
4th & 18th May 2018
1st – 15th & 29th  June 2018
13th July 2018
3rd & 14th Aug 2018
7th & 28th Sept 2018
12th & 26th Oct 2018
9th & 23rd Nov 2018
7th Dec 2018
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