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The Goddess Living her Purpose


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Hello Gorgeous Goddess……

The two most important days in your life…..The day you were born….and the day you find out WHY….

Do you have a dream? A gut feeling that you are not living to your highest potential?

Would you love to jump off the wheel and create a life you love?

Do work you just can’t wait to get to, live a life that full fills you and energizes you rather than stresses you out and drains you?

I would love to help guide and support you to answer the calling of your Soul, to find you true inner calling, to Rise, and step into your Power as a strong and independant Goddess and to confidently birth your creative projects and answer the Call to live the life of the Sacred Feminine.

I will guide you, through my own experience of living the Goddess path to awaken,  create, and put into action your own vision.

I will guide you with the tools i have used over the last 20+ years  to awaken and follow your Souls calling.

I will share with you my keys to success and be a catalyst of change for you to create the life of your dreams…

Over a 7 week programme, we will create a foundation for change…Weekly practices…Goals…Support and Guidance.


“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the World on Fire” St Catherine of Siena


Your investment in living the Life of your Dreams…£45 per one off Goddess Living her Purpose Coaching session or £300 for a full 7 week programme

Contact me Andrea 07986375096


“There are people in your life whom you unknowingly inspire, simply by being you”



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