Moon Tree…Yoga…Relaxation & Meditation for Women

Reiki & Energy Therapies for Women

Reiki & Energy Therapies for Women.



Take time to look after your own health & Well-being with Energy re balancing treatments………………..

Reiki for Women
A gentle and relaxing treatment. Time out to rest and rejuvenate, body, mind and soul
60 minute treatment £35

Energy Re – balance
Time to gently rest and re- balance, come back to your center
40 min treatment £25

Access Bars & Body Processers
A gentle Energy treatment & relaxing treatment to get your energy running smoothly again
60 min Treatment £35

Chakra Re Balance

Using Crystal energy to re balance and re align the flow of Energy through the 7 main Chakras
60 min Treatment £35

1-1 Yoga & Meditation

A relaxing and nurturing 1-1 session to develop your own home practice & general health and well being
60 min session £45 or 6 sessions £260

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