Moon Tree…Yoga…Relaxation & Meditation for Women

A Workshop for Yoga Teachers & Therapists.

A Workshop for Yoga Teachers & Therapists.
In this Workshop i will teach you some tricks of the trade to help you keep your energy high, whilst still giving to others.
From my own experience as a Therapist and Yoga Teacher i know how hard it is to put ourselves first while caring for others.
In this Workshop i will show you a few tricks of the trade through Yoga, Mudra and Meditation, plus energy clearing techniques, plus easy ways to fill your own cup so you are giving from the overflow, rather from an energy deficit and help you prevent burn out.
Also tips on stayining inspired while teaching during life changes, bereavment and upheavel.
Please being a vegtarian lunch to share, a notebook and something comfy to wear.
Sunday 22nd Oct 
Acaster Malbis Village Hall
12pm – 4pm

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