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Kanakadara Dru Dance Workshop.

Come along and join us for this gorgeous day of Dru Yoga Dance with Lynn Moor.

This Dru dance is about softness and strength –giving and receiving. The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and beauty in both Buddhism and Hinduism.
Physically – great all over workout:
Energetic- enable energy to flow – the dance invites you to give of your personal strengths – giving is essential to good health
Emotional – allows the emotions to flow generating the qualities of stability and security
Intellectual – trainsthe memory
Spiritual – can be used as a powerful practice to train the heart and mind to both invite and perceive abundance,
“To simply be human is great wealth
To realise, express and live our potential, to give, receive and flow with life is a great wealth”
Use this sequence to train yourself to perceive and experience this wealth.

Kanakdara is one of the names of the Godess Lakshmi –or the Shakti energy that represents the wealth that comes to us when we take responsibility for our lives. This wealth takes many forms, material, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The Kanakadara dance was inspired by the Sri KanakdaraStotram( Hymn) 22 verses written in praise of Kanakadra from an ancient story.

These Workshops are very popular, please book and pay for your place in advance, thanks so much.

Sunday 5th November
10am – 5pm
Acaster Malbis Village Hall
YO23 2UJ

£35 Please bring a lunch to share
0798 6375096

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