Moon Tree…Yoga…Relaxation & Meditation for Women

The Goddess Workshops

The Goddess Workshops…

Goddess Workshops (2)

The  Goddess Workshops….Are these Workshops for me?

These Workshops are for you if you are a Woman (Goddess) in need of a restful, nurturing and nourishing day to herself.

You already practice Yoga and would like to take your Yoga to the next level by learning the Spiritual aspects of Yoga, taking it off the mat and begin to add into your life.

You would like to learn more about Pranayama (Breath Control Practices,)  Mudras & Meditation

You want to  create a regular home practice.

You would like to know more about the Chakra system and how Yoga effects it.

You would like to learn to bring daily ritual into your life.

Through Satsang learn about yourself, and  ways to develop a more positive perspective on life

You would like to learn more about Moon living , Crystals or Intention setting.

You would like to learn about the Goddesses and the Elements.

You want to learn about Ayurveda.

You have a interest in finding your life purpose.

Or you just want a day to be around like minded Women.


Acaster Malbis Memorial Hall
Mill Lane
Acaster Malbis
YO23 2UJ

All Workshops Saturdays 10am – 4.30pm  – £45 which includes refreshments,  a bring & share lunch and related Goddess Practice Booklet & Goddess Goodies.

You will also receive an information booklet.

Bring a blanket and warm clothing, also a coat as we will be taking a walk, a Journal and pen.

Includes a bring & Share vegetarian lunch. Teas and refreshments will be provided.

Nov 4th 2017             

Chakra 6 & Chakra 7…….Thought & Light…Awaken the Shakti of Goddess Lakshmi…Create abundance and awaken Intuition through Japa Mantra                                            and Mala.

Contact me Andrea on 07986375096

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